In the following video you can find a short how to on how to apply a virtual makup:
Here are some useful tips on how to use
1. Browse your computter for an image that you would like to use for styling.
2. Upload it to the server.

3. Click in the center of thr left hand eye to get the makeup.

4. Zoom in to show controls. Zoom out to hide them.

5. Move controls to get the shape that fits you most.

By clicking on the makeup, you can move it to save time adjusting to the shape of your face. Using the scale menu can help you scale the make up.

The buttons on the top of the makeup menu are to switch between different parts of your makeup. You can also choose lipstick with/without teeth.

By choosing the hairstyles button on the top, you can get access to the hairstyle panel where you can switch and adjust hairstyles. You can always go back to the makeup panel by clicking on the makeup button on the top of the tool.